CLIENT: European Border and Coast Guard Agency

PROJECT: Data visualisation and app development

In 2015, Missing Element has been contracted by the EU Agency FRONTEX to conceptualise and design a new infographics and data visualisation system. The result includes a comprehensive system of elements to be used for explaining data collected by FRONTEX analysts.

We have designed and produced a mobile (and tablet) application for the EU agency FRONTEX.

The application is a report about illegal migration across EU borders created in responsive design and is updated on a monthly basis. The application features interactive infographics including a map and graph responding to specified input, as well as tables and body text with active links. It is a secure application with generated passwords and enables a response element for FRONTEX to receive feedback from its target audience.

Web application as a data visualisation tool was developed for FRONTEX and targets border professionals from EU states and serves as a tool for FRONTEX workers (2015-2016).