Missing Element was founded in 1999 in Prague. Our mission is combining excellence in graphic design with marketing communication know-how. We bring our clients complex solutions they can’t always get with advertising agencies or smaller graphic studios.

We specialise in corporate identity building, world-impact reporting and publication, data visualisation and ongoing design services for European Union Agencies, United Nation Organisations and iNGOs. Our strength is based on being a flexible team with highly experienced professionals that worked in many areas of communication design, brand building, advertising, on-line project development, production and printing services.

Hana Valihorová

General Director

Senior Art Director

Petr Motyčka

Creative Director

Senior Project Manager

Paulina Hulmanová

Project Manager

Adéla Bílská

Project Manager

Tomáš Rychlý

Graphic Designer

DTP Operator

Honza Kalaš

DTP Operator

Graphic Designer

Production Manager

Tereza Janečková

Art Director

Graphic Designer

David Havlík

DTP Operator


Helena Jiskrová

Graphic Designer

Věra Pospíšilová

DTP Operator

Viktor Vokjan

Film Production


Tomáš Roreček

Content Writer

Jan David

Web Developer – Apploud Digital

Martin Tamele

Senior Print Manager

Quality Supervisor

Marie Lukáčová

Content Writer